Virtual Tour of Medico Linen Service Facility

Medico Healthcare Linen Service is a family-owned linen service company that has served healthcare and wellness professionals for over 80 years. They approached Twin Moons to create an immersive virtual tour to showcase their state-of-the-art facility and their facility’s capabilities.

One major requirement of the project was to be able to shoot and display 360-degree videos within the tour to show the activities at each key area of the facility. Twin Moons coordinated closely with the facility manager to capture all 360 videos, which were then integrated at each respective location of the facility in the virtual tour. The 360 videos helped to bring the facility to life showing each step of the process and the people involved.

Another major requirement for the virtual tour was the ability for Medico to self-host the tour and also have it available offline as a PC application. They wanted to be able to take the virtual tour on a USB Flash drive to client meetings and be able to show off their facility without the need for internet access. Twin Moons delivered on both fronts, delivering a fully produced tour that could be hosted on Medico’s own website, and also a PC and Mac application that can be easily put on USB Flash drives and used offline.

Additionally, we also used aerial panoramic imagery, tags, and labels to further enhance the virtual tour experience. Lastly, the interface was customized with Medico’s branding to maintain a consistent visual experience with their website.

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